Thursday, September 6, 2012

DON & ROGER the chairs


Forgive our messy house (we’re packing, ya know).

Straight from the curbside ladies and gentlemen:




I don’t know who in their right mind would throw these out. Some of you may be thinking who in there right mind would want these chairs. Regardless, they make me uncontrollably giddy, complete, proud. It’s like I just gave birth and just met something I love undeniably. That’s right, mama of the chairs. I realize I have issues. Charley has henceforth banned me from trash piles, fabric and furniture's for the rest of my life. But it’s okay, because I found THEM, Don and Roger. I want to sit em them with my legs crossed in a suit and come up with brilliant conceptual schemes in advertising (skipping all that cigarette and whiskey stuff). I love their clean lightweight footprint, masculine lines and scratched up black vinyl. I love that the wood is beaten up and they need a little glue. Yes my friends, I’m having a love affair with chairs. Looking at them creating a little repetitive pattern sitting in a pair just makes my heart flutter. Don’t you just love things in pairs? Maybe it’s another weird tick….


and look at their little derrieres:




walnut, I believe




  1. I LOVE them. Those are gifts from Jesus, I think. ;)


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