Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A bridal shoot yesterday led me out to North, SC to a pecan orchard. The clouds where glorious and perfect for shooting….for about 15 minutes and then we hit torrential downpour. Unfortunately we were a field away from our cars when it came. We were able to get the bride in the car just in the nick of time. I quickly covered my equipment with plastic and booked to back to the car. The rest of the shoot was rather uncomfortable, being soaked and all. we’d shoot for a few seconds and  hop back in the car, shoot, hop, shoot hop. The rain never gave up. Finally, tired of mud we headed back to the house to finish shooting under a shed.



but before all that rain…….

I was attacked by birds and became superwoman



In other news, my last day of work is tomorrow!! happy music’s a playing.

I’m so so ready to be in Cola and hunting job’s and moving in to our awesome new rental. Thinking of being there just makes me giddy excited. Onward Yukon ho September!

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