Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turned Down

Charley and I went apartment hunting again this morning, and to summarize we were turned down promptly and without second glance. it went something like this:

“Your names? okay lets fill out this little form and we’ll show you around….do you have any pets? a husky? BYE!!!!”

Huskies are listed on every “dominant breed” list for every apartment around here. Sure, huskies are a little more pack oriented than other dogs but aggressive? I demand breed equality amongst the housing!! here- here. unfortunately my typed protest is heard by little an ear…and the insurance companies aren’t going to change their policies. Apparently apartments don’t accept “aggressive breeds” because their insurance goes up. All I can say here is “LAME, lame, LAME”.

We’ve only had one apartment say that they’d screen the dog and then decide (and that was the one without washer dryer).

I brought my camera this morning, fully expecting to take pictures and take notes and compare our carefully listed selections. Well, no pictures of apartments today. We finished up at the grocery store and got in some team cleaning of the house (it sure is easier if we both do it!). FYI this is what it looks like to take a picture of your cute husband from the inside of your purse (since I wasn’t sure if camera’s were allowed). I couldn’t resist….he’s adorable when he get’s all shoppy. Most men fear the grocery store, but Charley has skills…and he prices what’s going to be on sale before we go.


and I uh tried to snap a picture of his cleaning in action too….he just started organized the kitchen cabinets…crazy kid Smile


he then made us dinner: seared chicken with asparagus and parsnips with Dubliner cheese sauce.

and speaking of being spoiled to death, we went to dinner last night at the wild olive with our roommate and luisa. (I stole the pictures off their site).



we shared two appetizers:

  1. Crispy calamari with marinara, garlic aioli, lemon, parsley
  2. mussels in a spicy red tomato sauce

charley got the agnolotti with pork and chicken in a veal sugo

I got the lasagna with lamb sausage, goat cheese, tomato, mushrooms, mozzarella

and we shared a chocolate torte with hazelnut gelato


We really splurged with the $ but we’d been saving up so we could go here and we’ve been working so much that we thought it was time for a taste bud vacation. and wowzers, the food was so so so so so amazing…I really cannot describe how delicious it was. This is definitely on the list of favorite places…and it might even trump my favorite Italian place downtown, Il Cortile Del Re. Nothing beats the heartiness and hominess of Italian food, and man that lamb sausage was to die for.

It was such a blessing to spend a little time with the hubby. The odds of us having a day off at the same time are like once  a month. I had just gotten back from Columbia from the weekend…making that two weekends in a row for weddings which I vowed never to do again about a year ago. A little bit of time makes me forget how tired I am after a wedding, but they’re a emotional drainer. Moreso, they’re another 1,000 or so pictures that I have to sort and edit and that’s where I fail miserably.  I’ve progressively learned to take less and less and delete as I go but I am always overwhelmed by the postproduction process.

In other news, Charley found an expensive pair of sunglasses at the beach:


We may or may not have stolen this sign some time ago:

(Dear rich person whose yard we took it from, I apologize for any lowering of the poll numbers for Tom. Refer any citizens to the next nearest sign….which happens to be two feet away and on every block in your neighborhood. )


and Lizzy, you left your hat at our house. I fully intend to wear it until you return:


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