Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cowhead Outtakes

I’m cleaning out one of my hard drives while editing today (Photoshop has a huge lag time between edits). I found these old cow head in the woods photos from February of 2011. I had deleted a lot of these originally because they were out of focus or dismissed as a bad composition, but these were off the original card and it was kind of fun to flip through em again. funny enough, the out of focus works better in some of them. For that slightly victorian-creepy-girl look I used a tub of fruit garnier’s beach bum hair….the coconut smell attracted quite a few bugs. I’m posting these…they make me laugh, please laugh too.

The original backstory: Madeline has lived in the woods for some time with her only friend, fluffy the cow. After passing away, Fluffy’s skull remained an admirable partner to talk to.


The next one looks like I’m asking mr. cowhead: “Say, wanna go on a date?”


These are some unedited so you can appreciate that lovely golden hour light (white balance on shade).


A little little color tweaking and you get the nighttime version.


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