Tuesday, April 3, 2012

to the sea again

I was recently informed that I have been slack in my bloggy postings. Therefore I will attempt to document the mundane things of life over the past weekend…since you know, we’re like on a coffee date or something.


Like the little mermaid and her failed sequel, I had to return to the sea this friday to shoot a wedding  for my friend’s Stephanie and Drew. From Charleston sea, I went to Myrtle beach sea. They rented this amazing beach house and had their close friends and family chill with them for the weekend. I got to stay at a hotel nearby with five amazing friends…a happy mixture of work and play. We had a happy moment eating bagels before I headed back home Sunday morning straight to my nanny job.

 IMG_4075 copy

My employer threw an amazing little Easter party with like a gazillion people, so she needed some help watching the kids and getting ready for it. I manned an egg dying station, a little craft corner and face painted about 40 kid’s. I started off doing chickens, bunnies, Easter eggs and flowers but then I had a kid ask for a blue Pegasus and it all went crazy from there. I had requests for Koi fish and speedboats and I was so glad someone finally asked for a dinosaur (a personal face painting preference)…anyways, I had a blast. The had a huge Easter egg hunt, an inflatable jump house and all kinds of good food.

That night we went out for Mexican at La Hacienda on King St. to hang out with friends visiting from DC. Charley had just gotten back from his trip to the Carolina Cup with them. Our apartment is so tiny that finding room for everyone was funny and more people ended up sleeping on the floor than was needed. By the way, the hubs went to the cup dressed like this:


Monday was back to our usual routine. Little man has been doing those melt into the floor tantrums on me. He doesn’t make noise, he just turns into lead. Just like this. We had a few extra kids over for some art lessons. We usually paint outside on the porch since the weathers so nice. We worked on horsesSmile …I had  a cute photo of our product but my ipod has gone missing.

Today Charley, Zack and I went to look at an apartment in mount pleasant. We loved the two bedroom model with a  washer/dryer but the one bedroom in our price range didn’t have laundry. We’d be back to the coin/wait routine. I think I could do it again, but Charley wants to keep looking. We went grocery shopping and pretty much ate dinner in free samples. (Trader Joes always have fruit samples and we go to Whole Foods to try cheese).  Charley made us a low country boil back at the house.

IMG_5668 copy

and I took an accidental picture of Juneau :


we were playing our usual midnight game of eat-the-foot.


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