Wednesday, April 11, 2012

be still and move

I wrote this a few weeks ago and never posted:

These past few weeks have been a stretch. Work, anxiety about things to be done, and the things done that I cannot undo all arrive me to a constant state of weariness. It’s probably just in my mind, I hardly exert my physical force everyday. And I can hardly say my burden is something so horrible in comparison to what the rest of the world must face everyday. In fact, I always kick myself for complaining since there are some who are struggling with so much more.

Perhaps this is what “ to each his own” means.

If I were going to make a bad decision to stay up on a work night, I should spend it editing. 

Every now and good to make an unwise choice (aka going to the beach late at night when you have to wake up at 6am).

I don’t like to bring my camera to the beach, but mars was supposed to be out and I wanted to try my hand at stars.

It was way to cloudy for any star shots,

but we ended up taking some typical long exposure shots,

(until zack’s phone died that is.)

then we just walked, enjoying the moon and the dark shapes.

That little bit of salty air, a little exercise and a letting go for a bit really helps to ground me again. Makes me stop. helps me remember that I’m a tiny creature on a planet. Helps me communicate clearer – deliberate time to talk to God-even if it’s admitting a need. You see somewhere along the way, I've started to leave out my confession to God. I’ve stopped asking for things…like it’s going to bother him. but confession, my admitting something pushes me to see a need. I need to change. Change is promoted and possible through grace.

and then I realized that I was thinking about sin while walking down a beach named Folly.


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