Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saluda’s in Columbia, SC

Saluda’s is where Charley used to work as a sous chef. He put a lot of heart and soul into the food there and learned so much under the guidance os Executive chef Blake. I was tickled pink to see that Saluda’s finally has a website up and running. (welcome to the modern age, Saluda’s, although your Facebook page had the essential info-this is definitely the next step into class). It was cool to see that they’re still using my old photographs.  They aren’t so great looking to me now, but I’m still glad they used them (they are the ones of the food/rooms and patio except for the pan shots).  ‘d love to take some new food shots for them one day…provided I get to sample.  Saluda's is still dishing out some great food thanks to Blake. His recent write up in the Undefined magazine can be read here (how awesome is his portrait shot?!). Y’all should stop on by and taste some of their fabulous shrimp and grits.

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