Sunday, August 3, 2014



I haven't done a lot with my colored pencils in a long long time. After finally cracking them out of the box, I had forgotten how much I love these things. I really really needed a break from abstract/quick watercolors so it felt good do some sketching.I decided to draw an owl out of a missing part link in my life. Guess what hogwarts, STILL waiting on my letter.

I started with  a light French grey. I have a bad habit of not sketching loosely first and just going for it. You have to be rather careful if you are hoping to keep the white free of stray lines because the pigment in the wax based prismacolors is very hard to lift of the paper. A lot of people like to sketch in graphite first but I’ve always hated how it looks.



I used prisma colors and blended parts with white and then went back into brush some ink in with a fine brush. This part was where I realized that I felt like the owl was staring me down while I colored on it, almost like an Adams family portrait. I felt a little guilty and wish I’d left the eyes for last. 

imageimageimage image imageowlolw1

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