Friday, July 19, 2013



It’s always amazing to me how many animals we rescue at the park. Someone took a litter of bunnies and let them loose near the picnic shelters. One of the camp councilors caught this little fellow and he came home with me because the shelters are full. After a  little loving and bribing with lettuce, he’ll come sit in your lap. He’s very cautious, which probably helped his survival since we have so  many coyotes and foxes. I think that since he’s so young, he’ll recover and be a friendly little fellow.

I really wanted to keep him, but we’re in the process of finding him some parents. Turns out I am very allergic to rabbit fur. Also Juneau would consider him a tasty snack and he doesn’t need the stress in his life.

The cutest part is watching him clean his paws after he eats.

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