Tuesday, August 19, 2014



She’s a bullet in the gun just waiting to be fired, a giant clean ready to go canvas. I usually only make one giant one at a time, so I take my time thinking about what to put on it. Had I  more space, I’d love to have more going, because painting big is so much more fun. I’ve sort of almost kind of but not really narrowed down what will be on this one. I could change my mind several times before I get there because I have commissions to fulfill before I can start this one.

I also inadvertently fitted most of my favorite things into one picture: 1. my bed (sleeping). 2. plants 3. Celtic stuff (the pillows have knotwork on them). 4. my favorite colors, white and green 5. my pup, in the little print to the left. 6. books 7. blank canvases.


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