Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apartment de Anne

After adventure de farm we sought refuge in apartment de Anne. Really, it should have a name. All good friendship houses have names.

In college, there was this one group of ladies whose house we dubbed “Gryffindor”. Everyone knew “party at Gryffindor”, or who was included in the “Gryffindor family”.  Ever since then the idea of naming places has rooted inside my heart. WHY not give a dwelling place an identity?

Anne’s apartment has always been a lovely mixture of Anne, hobbit hole and a dash of pottery barn charm; simply because  she takes joy in the little things…like drinking out of mason jars or planting fresh herbs on the patio. She is admirably the cleanest person I know and there is a casual order that puts you at ease when you walk in the room. I kind of wish she could open up the lid on my brain and place all the thoughts into neatness.

anneshouse7anneshouse2  anneshouse3 anneshouse4anneshouseanneshouse14anneshouse13 anneshouse5

I gave her the Hobbiton painting in high school and she kept it :) Makes me happier than a kid with his hand-turkey on the refrigerator. The painting above the bed you may remember from here.

  anneshouse10anneshouse9 anneshouse8

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  1. awwww my home!!! : ) : ) your paintings are the most beautiful things i own!


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