Tuesday, April 30, 2013




City Roots:

“To produce clean, healthy, sustainably grown products. While enhancing and educating our community about the benefits of local, sustainably grown food, composting, vermicomposting and other environmentally friendly, farming practices


They offer convenient fresh local seasonal produce straight off the farm to your plate.

Getting to the Roots Events is “the collaboration of Eric McClam and Vanessa Driscoll efforts to get to the root of local farms, local musicians, local chefs, and local food through a series of events.”

Last night Charley got together and cooked for a summer dusk evening dinner, complete with twinkly lights and a styled table. Joe Jacobson from Oak Table and the folks at Russo came up with the nights menu. He brought me back some absolutely perfect lettuce. The Arugula is perfectly crisp and peppery. The micro greens are used regularly at Oak Table and they are every penny worth in awesome taste.

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