Saturday, April 13, 2013



When we first got married, the only thing I ever did was run around in the backyard with Juneau. not much has changed. I was supposed to be cleaning and about halfway through vacuuming there was a black and white head holding THE PURPLE BALL. The purple ball in Juneau's language is, “I’m sharing my most treasured possession just so you will come play with me.” She will play fetch with it a few times and then switch items when she decides she’s shared enough.  It stays buried under the azalea bush when not in use.

And forgive the weird hair day because running around sure didn’t help. This is one of my favorite T-shirts not because it is flattering but because it has a screen-print of Albrecht Durer's “four horses of the apocalypse”

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Thank you for that fine sampling of doggy breath, Juneau.

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  1. your outfit is soooooo cute! love your hair too. and i love YOU!!


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