Saturday, February 9, 2013

the criminal comes to town


A few weeks back we went to Charleston for charley's work and so I could see the kids I used to nanny. On our way to dinner I got pulled, which took me surprise because I wasn’t speeding. Vwell… I’m dumb and never updated my address to our new place-ticket #1. My sticker was out of date-ticket #2. More dumb on my part. I hate being an adult. It led to to visit #2 to Charleston for the month of February…not exactly what I had planned.

Having never been to traffic court before, my general consensus is that they make it annoying so you will keep your things up to date next time. I handed over my updated info and all the fines/whatnot were dropped. I had a lot to do so I took a brief walk down king street afterwards before heading back.

It included:

getting a Starbucks coffee to make up for it being so early and the wait

buying some homemade paper and a newsprint pad from Artist and Craftsman

buying doughnuts from Glazed for Charley.


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Admiring the apple blossoms in Macintosh (which is owned by the same people who own Oak Table in Columbia).


Poking my head into Blue Bicycle only to see another fellow shop cat lover.


Walking into the Michael Mitchell gallery to check out some really fantastic art. I really loved M.vogl’s work because the color is so clean and lovely. Worth appreciating in person. This gallery and the Atelier gallery are probably my favorites in Charleston because they are so light and airy and non snooty.


Forgetting that college of Charleston classes let out on George street and it turns into an insane amount of people walking,running, skating, biking, golf carting with no order in any direction while cars honk and are stuck for 30+ minutes because they can’t move without running over someone.


Appreciating compliments meant for the masses.


Eating lunch at Five Loaves with Mr. I-grew-a-giant-beard-in-your-absence (our old roommate.)


AND finally making it back to my meter with just two minutes to spare.


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