Saturday, February 9, 2013

Instagram update

1. Little dude Bruno had surgery today and woke up super alert and quite unhappy. Everything went well, we just have to be super vigilant in his healing process. He had a tumor removed from his tail. They are extremely common in hedgehogs and small rodents. Doc said he'll be okay and around for a while.
2. I cleared out a lot of things in "bruno's room"  in order to actually make it a guest bedroom instead of just a huge space to put things in and make excuses for. 

3. and lastly, I went crazy last week.
 I decided to move 400 bricks by myself that I found on craigslist. Actually I found 1200 bricks on craigslist and was told I was the one getting them and then on site found out that the guy had arranged for multiple people and it was a fight to the death to see who could stack the suckers the fastest. Did I mention they were free? . Actually I must add that I would never go pick up something from craigslist by myself without being super super cautious. I looked up the posting to make sure it wasn't a scam and looked up the company and arranged for who was going to be there. (just using common sense folks). 

I stacked them on top of the patio to see how many I had procured and to my dismay...not nearly as much as I'd hoped. We aren't going to keep the circle/wanabe firepit area. I was getting tired and we only had broken bricks left so I laid it there to see what it would look like. It's too close to the house for my comfort and right underneath the lights. We opted that we'd buy one of those portable fire pits for gatherings. 
We might not keep the bricks there at all if I can't arrange for round two, so for now they are just laying there all wobbly like and unsealed with sand til we figure out where to put the spoil. 

Until then, ego boost for the day filled. My tiny framed weakling self successfully hauled a truck load of bricks. I had to carry them in stacks of five because there wasn't a wheel barrow. 

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