Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cutting frames 101


1. step one: lock your husky away in the chicken coop in spite of yowling protests


(don’t worry she’ll get over it)


2. Eat a soft pretzel with cinnamon and sugar made from your hunky cooking husband


3. Rock your double glasses and keep your saw unplugged until you’re ready to cut


4. Measure out your ridiculously huge frame and make your cuts.

5. Realize that you forgot to buy wood for the supports.

6. decide to go to home depot on another day


7. sit inside your frame to show it’s ridiculously huge proportions.

8.  get giddy about painting something 6 feet long.


(tune in later for canvas stretching and gesso.)

(charley is watching tv while dehydrating rose petals…because that’s just so normal around here)


  1. I realize I'm missing the point of this post... but, how is he dehydrating rose petals?


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