Friday, December 2, 2011

oh yeah I got a new tripod for my birthday

To test it out I took some emo pictures… not intentionally emo…but nonetheless.


I’m sitting on our clothes hamper.

My camera doesn’t handle ISO well so you get a lot of grain.

Speaking of grain, it actually helps hide your acne. I should know.

I’m wearing charley’s sweater. hb89

He gave me the tripod, along with the new Florence and the Machine Cd, and a Compact Card carrier. None of which I hinted at at all. They were perfect gifts, which just goes to show that Charley is one of the best gift givers I’ve ever met. He will go out of his way to come up with wonderful gifts. It makes me feel very inadequate when it comes to returning the gifts. I’m horrible at that kind of thing.

When we first met and became friends, I mentioned how much I love glass bottles, and the very next day he brought me a pretty green bottle with a parrot on it. A few days later he gave me some chocolate…and it was pretty much love from there on out. Some of his most awesome gifts over the years:

1. Juneau (can’t top that one)

2. surprise picnics on the beach

3. a cup full of acorns and a note that said “I’m nuts about you”  (no really. )

4. socks that say “baa humbug”

5. my Wacom tablet

6. Poems

7. lots of ben and jerry’s phish food

8. stuffed animal dragon

Pretty much all of his gifts are about thoughtfulness which is why they are so sweet. It’s not about the stuff, it’s because he has such a serving heart. One time he tool all my shifts when I worked in the cafeteria so I could have a day off to sleep. Another time I was sick so he dropped off tissues, movies, and ice cream at my house. Wisdom teeth out, he brought by bubble bath in a my little pony container and books to read. I think you guys get the point. I’m a lucky woman.

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