Saturday, December 10, 2011

Barnacles and Blood

It’s cold wet and windy here. I had a family shoot this morning, but between the 5 kids under the age of five and the 10 adults, things were running a little behind. I stopped on the beach since they weren’t ready to check our conditions and found these barnacle rocks.  Unfortunately I also forgot that barnacles are sharp and that I should never do anything that requires coordination. Cowboy boots are in no way slippery rock terrain material. I wish I had gotten my slip on camera, but alas just ended up with some bloody fingers and a knee. I didn’t realize I was dripping everywhere (and in my camera) until a bit later so now I’m trying to figure out how to clean up my camera buttons. Funny enough, even though charley just got me a new tripod, I didn’t think to bring it with me. These were taken perched on rocks instead. Needless to say the rest of the family pictures were  not taken on barnacle rocks aha (for the briefest of moments I thought Hey! great backdrop!). It was  a challenge to get 5 freezing children to smile but somehow we made it through. Lets hope they aren’t scarred for life from the experience.

I was supposed to travel yet again today, but completely crashed. I’ve gone for quite some time with no sleep, worked 29 hours in the past two hours. I woke up after sleeping in my contacts to charley bringing me hot shepherds pie and cider. I am finding that I am not home long enough to edit the things on my computer and it’s turning into a mess.



  1. ouch to the barnacles :( but you look adorable. love the outfit (thumbs up to the socks and boots!)

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