Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Years Themed Dessert Tray

Charley has been making these little display dessert trays for important guests at work. (Apparently all these goodies are for 2 people a piece!?).  These were his Chinese new year trays. The dragon is made out of frosted cupcakes. The wire with the squares are supposed to be Chinese lanterns. There are sesame truffles (I think…sorry charley, I forgot what they were…) and homemade fortune cookies. Everything got a little gold shimmer but it’s hard to see from the the photos. The two trays are actually different….if you can see that one dragon is more happy.  He took these photos on his phone of course.

photo (46)photo (49)photo (47)photo (48)

and speaking of awesome phone photos, this happened last night:

photo (45)

In fact this pretty much happens every night. That is the permanent facial fixture of Zack’s cat.

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