Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home for Lunch

Coming home for lunch is one of my favorite things to do…just a quick break to eat in a quiet house and enjoy the company of my plants. Yes there, I said it, I enjoy the company of my plants. (Of course Juneau does often discover meal times and stares at me through the window).  A short while ago my sweet mother gifted me with a Panini maker and I use it All. the. time. Panini sounds fancy, but really it’s just “sandwich enhancer”. I will do anything for a little melty cheese. My go to is to slap leftovers in my bread but today we had all kinds of yummy things so I went all out.

lunchbrea3klunchbreakIMG_1986IMG_1982 468IMG_1983

My window plant’s names are ArdenVale, WorryWort, Eustace, and Tiny Thym.

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