Thursday, January 3, 2013

ERp. . .



I wanted to take a surreal photo…kind of like the wonderful work of Joel Robison. Alas, I found  nothing more inventive to do but to lie on the ground. Five layers of sweaters failed to convince me of a cool character to play. I was just stiff, padded and full of christmas foods…jumping and running proved more difficult than I would have liked and still failed to lend my imagination something ominous, lovely or inspiring.

No, this was just some strange girl hanging out in the woods, quickly reminded that dirt and pine straw is wet after rain. Even after committing to balancing the camera on a pinecone and two stones on the ground left me unsure of where to go.Then it hit me.

The photo lacked cats. Giant cats. It’s like Alice in WonderCatLand.  The bad photoshopping adds much eh?


Then I continued to realize even more. This photo needed laser beams…even more than it needed the cats.Too bad I don’t know how to make those either.


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