Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Photos and the ever so useful bribe.

We got together for a quick frolic in the park to nab some family photos for the new year. Charley and I’s turned out great:


I did everything on the self timer running back and forth kind of like we did for my sibling’s photos back in the day.

My adorable niece was just into everything. I mean, she was in the park for crying out loud! there were pinecones to find and leaves to explore. Who on earth could keep still? Every time we’d take a picture she’d run to me to see what I was doing at the camera…so we created a trading game of gumballs (the on the ground kind). She’d run to me, I’d supply the gumball, she’d hand it to Christine, Christine would grab her for .2 seconds, I’d run in the shot, by then she’d have wriggled free again. Repeat cycle. She’s completely adorable, love her to bits.

Usually she greets me with a “sah!”

but today she insisted that my name was “doggie!”


acceptsbribes  famIMG_1944IMG_1947IMG_1931strikespose  fam2

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