Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Juneau has been and outdoor doggy since we’ve moved to our new place. It breaks my heart because I  love her company during the day but it was super important to Charley and I wanted to respect that. I’ll admit, it’s been a much easier to clean, hairless environment. Today it was raining buckets (or cat’s and dogs). Downtown flooded, and there was juneau staring mournfully through the cracked shades of the back porch. Even Charley cracked under such a pitiful stare. We let her in for the afternoon and she happily curled up beside us on the couch while we drank our morning coffee. She spent the afternoon watching the rain from our bedroom window and sleeping. There’s nothing like a sleepy cuddly puppy to let you know, ”hey, this universe is all right.“





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  1. and you wonder why she doesnt listen...


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