Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goodbye room

Here are a few pictures of our bedroom in North Charleston. The bedroom was the only place we painted and no small feat because of the vaulted ceiling. I can’t stand dark walls and every wall of the condo is dark and bold. The light fixtures take  special light bulbs that aren’t even over 30 watts so I was dying for some light. I picked out a nice light putty grey that Charley swears is just plain ol white (but this is coming from a man who once asked me how to mix yellow). The halls are still cherry popsicle red with hideous yellow light bouncing off them. They give the trim a weird color cast and the short trip down the hall feels like walking down someone's throat.  Everybody’s got different tastes I guess.

BEFORE :                                                                              AFTER:




…I actually like that our duvet cover is wrinkly. It just looks more inviting to me like that. Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the last year ironing someone else's sheets. I also love the minimalist look without having all those decorative pillows to throw somewhere before bed. (Our little scratchy red pillow just goes in the middle somewhere or in the chair. ) This is a must for us because Charley hates throw pillows. He tolerates them in the other rooms but I mostly have to put them away in baskets. He’s right, they aren’t functional..but I can’t curb my desire for a little extra color.


I love charley’s side of the bed because he always reads cookbooks or writes ideas down for work with his glasses on. We don’t have any bedside tables so we just used an end table and I have a basket on my side. The little plant we just recently picked up at IKEA and it makes me super happy to see it chilling anywhere. It’s like a little pop of (fake) life.


We have my desk and a little reading corner set up and it’s been a great little spot for hiding from the sounds of the xbox blaring. I popped a few temporary items in the frames and Alice the pink chair has been waiting patiently for us to use her again at my parent’s house. Now that she finally made the journey to our new place, it’s time to turn around and take her back. Thankfully Alice seems to enjoy traveling and people reading on her with a cup of coffee.




Last but not least, we’ve enjoyed having a walk in closet. Our old closet downtown was teeny-iney and I always felt guilty for high jacking most of it. Also newly acquired from ikea are those wooden hangers, acquired to fulfill a lifelong dream: having matching wood hangers. I hope to slowly accumulate a few more, but something inside of me just squee’s for joy when I see my things all lined up and neat. I realize that there is therapy available for this.


I get the same feeling when I see the linen closet….I’m actually just overwhelmed that we have a linen closet.


lastly, I couldn’t resist to show off my wonderful case of bedhead.


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