Monday, May 21, 2012

moving right along

So I forgot to mention, we signed a new lease and we’re leaving the city to be a little farther out. I’ll miss all the interesting things to see and the people everywhere atmosphere. I don’t have pictures of it yet, but this is the (rough) floorplan:

sorry It’s hard to read


There are a few things though that I’m pretty stoke about:

  1. easy parking : no more parking behind each other or getting blocked in from others
  2. a porch: it’s fenced in and halfway shaded and pretty big compared to what we’ve seen
  3. we can kick Juneau out the back door: formerly we had to put her on a  lease and bring her around back.
  4. no pet deposit!
  5. a laundry room: space to do laundry and iron things. I haven’t ironed our own clothes in a year and I’ve got pile of things that need er bad.
  6. a spare bedroom: office a la sarah/ people can stay over now.
  7. kitchen space: we’ll have actual countertops and cabinets !
  8. a normal sized fridge: ours currently is a little weenie
  9. closet space!
  10. cool little separate area to put makeup on in the morning: battle of the bathroom no more.
  11. no one is upstairs= less late night domestic drama
  12. we’re right next to a park
  13. our back porch opens up to a huge grassy field
  14. our freezer will have an icemaker!
  15. we’re right next to walmart/ outlet mall
  16. super cool landlords

IMG_8402but before we found our little condo, we had a mess and a half to try to find something….I mean, I didn’t think it should be so hard. We wouldn’t have chosen to be as far out as we are, but it will work for this next year and we’re grateful to be within our financial means. We looked at a bunch of houses for sale as well but really didn’t find “ the one”. We’re glad we’ve looked and have gotten a feel for what we’d like. There was one that I really really loved the location and pictures off and I scheduled to look. I confirmed the time and date three times and drove out in the rain. I waited for 45 minutes after we were supposed to meet, calling and calling the realtor. I had just finished drawing my little page header so I could take notes underneath and he finally called back and was like oh, it has a contract on it as of this morning. It was a complete waste of time and super frustrating/unprofessional of the realtor.

I think in all, we looked at over 25 different  places/ apartments and ect. We were almost to the point of trying to find a rock to live under. But we’re grateful that we finally picked something and it’s no longer something to figure out. I’m still dreaming that one day I could design my own house. It would look a lot like this…somewhere in the woods, lots of windows & a yard for the husky:


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