Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working Free

Freelance that is. Not working for free I hope. You heard me right, writing and photography and graphics all in one kaboom. I’ve been struggling with where to go next and I’m finally feeling confident in a direction. It’s a vague and mysterious direction, but I’m flying towards it full speed. I want to create, I want to design, and I want to tell stories. I want to grow as an artist and push myself.
Being a nanny isn't a horrible job--I usually like it (although I feel less inclined to have children now) but I struggle with teaching children art. I think it’s a struggle for any teacher when the student’s don’t show a burning passion for something you care about. I think there’s a magic age for when teaching kids art becomes interesting; when you can move past throwing them paint and letting them make a mess. I also struggle as a teacher since I lack clear communication.
Writing is great because you can edit and think and come back. It’s not as hard as coming up with material on the spot. I pulled some articles together geared towards home & local lifestyle magazines. My strategy is to cover most of the with pretty pictures so they won’t notice the poor English. HA that will work right?! Here’s a sneak peak of the first one (the letters are gibberish). The layout is obviously still getting tweaked.
If I could see something of mine printed in a magazine, well that’d just be the cat’s meow… but more importantly if I could make money off doing this type of thing, now that would be the cat’s meow.
Which brings me to my next point. Underlying my newly found inspiration to pursue what I love is the big black hole named fear. Fear lives in my heart even in spite of my constant attempt to crush him. I find myself once more pursuing a job that has no steady paycheck. Many people ask for free work, and once again I will have to exercise the strength of self discipline (in which on my best days, I am an utter failure). Thank goodness God helps us grow in our weak areas! He seems to be bringing on changes, so I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  1. I think freelance writing (or design or photography) is an awesome career and totally possible. I'm not freelancing at the moment but when I am, it's great not having to answer to a boss and doing something I genuinely love, something that requires creativity and passion. You go for it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm definitely new at it and have no idea what i'm doing but I want to try. Any tips? I just popped over to your blog and I really like it :)

  2. a post that spoke to me(!) hoping you find a good foothold (financially+work-wise) soon enough. know that you're not alone (: by the way, EXCELLENT blog layout. i love how clean it all is! :D

    1. Thanks! You work freelance as well?


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