Wednesday, February 1, 2012

paintings from the past

While editing today I found an old art folder with paintings from high school….all lord of the rings inspired (go figure). I figured I’d post em. I don’t paint much nowadays, but I was having some serious paint/creation urges while editing today. Trying to stay on task though. I have been having a few “awesome idea moments” the past couple days. Like, honey-go-find-me-a-pen,-quick! ideas…which is really refreshing to finally be thinking and creating again…I felt like a dried up well for a while.  Now if I can get some of the ideas turned into Doing and Done, I might be headed somewhere.


Oil on canvas, I think it’s size is 34x42, here’s a close-up picture.


this is a smaller 8x11 oil on a really cheap canvas


This is a small light study in oil, 8x11 on bristol paper and board (which is technically taboo because it will rot on that type of paper…oops).


Forgive the image quality on the left picture. It was a small oil on board for my friend Anne.  The right-side picture was acrylic, also small.


AND not a painting, but here was my wood burning project for our high school art class. It’s a walking stick with a loose interpretation of the hobbit from top to bottom. Burning this thing was super relaxing but I wish I had burnt more contrast into it.


and this one is not high school but shortly thereafter..the light is making it look pretty speckled. It has a lot of texture and gloss:


…and because I’m so organized, here’s a drawing from a college art class.


we weren’t allowed to use shading so our values had to be nothing but texture (some parts got rubbed in though):


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