Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day Dough

Here’s a little update on what happened on valentine’s week in household scruggers.
Charley worked. I worked. The end. Option 1.  Insert rant on working. Option 2: Be positive, We have jobs! it ain’t all that bad and atleast I’m not in an office. (extra perks: crayons, outdoor outings and I get climbed on like a jungle gym).
I did get a sweet little valentine from “butterfly princess” (you know, the 6 year old I nanny) and it was followed by a few warm fuzzy feeling. We’ve been doing tons of valentine’s day crafts to keep occupied, along with some bike riding. And while I didn’t get a valentine from my two year old, I am constantly being offered his collection of “boogies”. Which in boy language is pretty much sharing the love, right?
Charley’s baking theme this week has been  doughnut obsession. He’s tried several different doughnut recipes this week…I’m encouraging him to keep going and find that perfect one (even though they were all perfectly tasty.)
Oh and the sugary-est-most-awesome surprise this past week was my three best friends dropping in to visit on Sunday. It’s been so long since we’ve had hang out time just the four of us. Wedged into a stressful pattern, it was a great little break. Not to mention there’s a surplus of men around here and I was so grateful to hang out with some females. 

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