Monday, February 6, 2012

Corgi Painting.

My walk with Juneau yesterday left me stumbling through the front door with an IKEA lack tabletop. Someone had decided to chuck it down their porch stairs to the garbage. The legs didn’t survive the crash,  but who could walk past this beauty and leave it? not this girl. I walked in. Immediately Charley turned and stared.

“oh no you didn’t…what have I told you about trash piles….go put it back.” I stare at my toes.

“but I already have plans for it”

“you always say that and it lives in a corner somewhere.”

**Sad eyes.

It went back to the trash pile.

Charley left to go watch the super bowl.

I went back to the trash like a dog for a buried bone.

It was still there ( I assumed someone else would find this gem and snatch it up).

I painted in my Pj’s while watching “New Girl” and sipping hot tea, sneezing and snorting like a champ because I yet again have a cold.

So BOOO YAAAH hubby. Boo Ya.

I finished something I started.

You may applaud now...

( uh okay so I didn’t quite “finish” finish. See I made a little blunder along the way. We had some spraypaint primer which I grabbed thinking it would be a shortcut. Didn’t read the can and grabbed the metal primer which is oil based. FAIL. So you see the white stuff on the board behind the pup? It’s not supposed to be there. I’m basically going to have to sand it off and finish the whole thing with a glaze. I photoshopped the second picture because it’s so distracting to me. I might darken the bold  lines and fix the eye on the left a little just as an after thought. I also forgot to emphasize the left side of her mouth. You see things so much better after you go take a picture of it! )


Ug white primer, you kill me. If it doesn’t come off I might paint it ultra light blue. What do you think?



*** UPDATE: I couldn’t get the primer off and I thought the orange could use a little pop so it’s now looking like this and is for sale here:



  1. I love this painting. My corgi Ryan looked just like that. He had to have his eye removed because of a tumor. I will love that dog forever! It is so amazing that I found this image right around what would have been his birthday April 18, 1999. I even like the picture with the white background it kind of looks like an angel wings. Which I'm sure he has. Thank you for making such a meaningful painting it is beautiful!

    1. thank you! i'm glad you like it, the print is available in my etsy shop actually if you're interested.


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