Monday, October 7, 2013



Last sunday was the UNEARTH festival at Saluda Shoals Park: a nature inspired celebration of art. Basically there were 40 something odd artists set up at tables along the trails. They demonstrated their art by painting, drawing, spinning, welding, glazing, sewing, singing and carving. There were several hands on things to do like make clay leaves or felt bookmarks. The kids made a stamping craft and there were two stages for music to be played at as well as musicians along the trail. If you’re sorry you missed it, don’t worry…they do it every year!


SSP-75 SSP-72SSP-270 SSP-17 SSP-19SSP-10 SSP-4SSP-260SSP-29 SSP-27SSP-24SSP-203 SSP-201SSP-202SSP-221SSP-222 SSP-220 SSP-94 SSP-55SSP-240bbSSP-84 SSP-86SSP-60 SSP-59SSP-39SSP-43SSP-44SSP-33 SSP-32SSP-35 SSP-36SSP-38SSP-51 SSP-52SSP-79SSP-230 SSP-54SSP-50SSP-298SSP-299 SSP-300SSP-301SSP-280SSP-294 SSP-295SSP-290 SSP-291


  1. THIS IS SO COOL!!! i totally want to go next year! gorgeous pictures!! :)

  2. I love those spools :) Such a neat festival!


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