Sunday, October 13, 2013

FALL: where you can eat sweet stuff for dinner


Hello Sunday. I needed your rest today. That is why I slept as long as I needed and made a huge meal full of comfort food. You see the great thing about fall, they let you put marshmallows in your sweet potatoes. It’s like eating pie for dinner. Some smart genius thought of that. 


Then I made turnip greens. I don’t know if they are traditional fall favorites but  I love their peppery taste when they are cooked lightly. I saut√© mine with a bit of butter, chopped walnuts and some crispy bacon (I’m going for full on healthy, can’t you tell). If you add a little water and apple cider vinegar, they lift the bitter flavor out a bit.


And because I’m weird, I like to cook a few sweet potato scraps without sugar and put a little bacon crumble in there for Juneau to eat after I’m done cooking. Because I’m one of THOSE people. Juneau might not have the palate to enjoy these treats however, because as you can see from the picture she also likes to eat chair legs. 


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  1. love this pics!!! i love this about fall too! YEAY FALLLLLLLLLLLL!


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