Sunday, July 28, 2013


So I tripped the other day… being so agile and dainty, I reached for the towel rack and ripped the sucker right out of the wall. It somehow exploded on contact.I don’t know how I manage these things, I really don’t.


Needless to say I ran to TJmax and bought a new towel thingy. It seemed a bit to fancy and traditional but I decided it reminded me of ponies and now I like it. RIP former towel rack. Perhaps I will stop being taking my beastly rage on bathroom accessories. (sorry M+N about your towel rack!).


bathroom1 bathroom2bath8

Does anyone else love those cheap soap bottles from target by orla kelly?

bath3 bath7bathr4 bath5bath546 bath11

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  1. omg your house is so freakin cute. and i LOVE that you compared yourself to buster. LOL!!


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