Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scrugger’s Web


There was a morning, not too long ago, where I scrambled out of bed and threw on my work clothes and dashed out the door. from my car door handle to the porch, a spider had slaved over a masterpiece. Geometrically connected gossamer strands, rhythmically attached at intervals. The spider crouched, enjoying the morning and the dew drops… waiting for her bug-snack.

I would have noticed all of this and appreciated her art, excepted I walked into it face first. the frantic spider squirmed and wriggled to get free but she  was permanently wrapped in her sticky web to my face. After a fantastic rendition of the “footloose” dance, e few eews and eeeehs! We recovered, the spider was send scurrying off. The poor thing, all her work from the night was ruined, but not in vain.

Boom: life lesson. From here on out I shall remember to do two things always:

1. Check for spiders

2. Slow down



  1. Ha! I love you and your life lessons!

  2. ok how does it say husky in the web? i CRACKED up when reading this about the footloose dance. i can SEE it now! :) you're wonderful!!!!

    1. aha anne i drew the "some husky" in photoshop for some good ol Charlottes web fun


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