Thursday, November 8, 2012


A few weeks ago I pulled the closet doors off our wash area to prep them for painting. The trim in the hall is also getting stripped and sanded for a new coat of white (hence the beige streaky thing going on).  I’m not proud to admit, but usually our washer has a little pile on it like this, but part of me really enjoys how big the hall feels without the sliding doors. The only thing that bothered me was the sudden appearance of baby blue vinyl tiles…they just seemed a little out of place.

Anywho, I passed by these wood vinyl tiles at Lowes the other day and was fairly impressed by how real and like the current wood they looked. They were on clearance for 30 cents a piece. I figured, why not? That way, with doors or not, those little blue vinyl tiles wouldn’t make an appearance. And if it leaked, they wouldn’t get hurt by the water.



this task was really just a , dude, dust behind your washer dryer for goodness sakes. (the blame’s on me. )



TA-DEERH!  Yep, I pulled those sucker out, gave the area a sound cleaning and laid my little tiles right over the old vinyl. ( I pulled up some torn ones where it would leave lumps). The vinyl wood is ever so slightly lighter but it’s a pretty darn close match! I like it so much I might wait to put the doors back up for a little while longer …until the pile re-appears.



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