Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A little thought on the guy vs. girl theory

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot many many many females and not as many males. I’ve fallen into the sin of letting the girl outshine the dude in an engagement session. Sometimes it’s just easier to let a girl flash her baby blues and steal the focal point of the shot. I’ve had people tell me before that my shooting style was very feminine and soft. I few years ago I used to put a horrid pink tint on everything. I find this very humorous because I am not very feminine. I’m drawn to dark earthy colors and whites. I like masculine rooms with wood and grey and raw steel. I’ve made it a personal goal to morph my photography into the pictures than inspire me….I’m moving away from the pink and trying to focus on tone and proper white balance. It’s been a pretty tough thing to learn because low light photos are notoriously some of the worst ones. Working with flash has always daunted me as well.
They say a photographers of different sexes see the world differently. A man’s photography will look different from a woman’s. For years, I looked up to my friend Danny’s photography because it always had that special something that I couldn’t see on my own. His perspective was different simply because he’s a guy. (Not that gender is the sole villain in shaping a persons view). I think photography becomes a way of communication between the sexes since it’s a reflection of how you see the world. That’s my guy-girl theory. Hot stuff right? I realize it’s not rocket science that dudes and dude-etts see things differently…but what are your thoughts on the matter?
ps. Danny taught me how to use a camera, invited me to shoot my first wedding, and shot Charley and I’s wedding/engagement photos. He’s pretty cool.
pss. I took this photo, not danny ( i guess i did not post that clearly the first time). 11/22/12


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