Friday, July 27, 2012

welcome home

We are finally in our new place and we are constantly just exclaiming, “wow, look at space!”. The new layout looks a lot like this cept with my drafting desk in the living room. Can’t wait to share some pictures..but it will have to wait a little while. The three things that we’ve really enjoyed off the bat is it’s convenience to grocery stores and shops. The ample parking and a  kitchen we can finally cook in! Did I mention we even have a normal sized refrigerator?


I got to hang out with my mom yesterday and she got me this pretty green dress. 5

Me likey. I’m guilty as charged for doing the in mirror shot…not classy, I know. Mom was such a huge help in getting our things packed and moved in this nasty heat. Plus she helped find this awesome used book store that’s chock full of clean, well organized rows of happiness.

….promise I’ll come back with a better post next time.

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