Sunday, July 29, 2012

first glance, new place

You’ll have to forgive me on these pictures, I was far to lazy to play around with the white balance today. That and this house is DARK. They left us three working light bulbs in the whole place so our first task was to go buy light bulbs in bulk. The fixtures only take yellow tinted low wattage bulbs so even with all of them in it’s very 60’s looking. The light from the windows is blocked because of the fence and the overhang.

I love the space we have, but the paint scheme is cringe worthy. I want to paint everything light and bright but it would cost $$ and time. I'm forcing myself to live with it so we can put money into our house one day instead of fixing up someone else's condo. I did paint our bedroom a very light grey because I couldn’t stand being in there so much in the depressing dark.

if you don’t remember, here’s what it looked like before:


and then here it is with our junk:






We are still moving things, tweaking and washing. I’ll put some of the bed and bathrooms later. We didn’t realize how strong the cigarette odor would be until we got into the place. I also didn’t realize how allergic I was to smoke so I was taking Benadryl nonstop our first week here. After washing the walls, floors and cabinets with vinegar and a special soap it’s helped a bit. We also boiled vinegar on the stove for a few hours and kilzed the bedroom before painting. Unfortunately for us, the carpet in the bedrooms is the main root of the problem so it’s the worst in there. Mom brought us a little air filter that we hope will help.  Have you ever cleaned up after cigarette smoke? any tips?

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