Sunday, July 8, 2012

shudder de shutter

A few months ago I was walking and came across a huge trash pile full of shutters.

A lot were rotten, but there were about 24 perfectly awesome shutters! Naturally I couldn’t resist and brought two home.

I got the “ you took what, out of the trash, home” look… Hense why I only got two. I’m just going to consider my holding back as a personal achievement. If you see me in person, feel free to pat me on the back. I’m sure charley would have sent me straight to the psyche ward  if I really had come home with 24 old shutters.

Anyways, they were black.

I stripped one side on both. One I did a white wash and wiped it unevenly. It’s looking a little purple in the pictures, but it turned out nice and grey. The other I mixed two stains that I had lying around. Both got a few hundred coats of varnish to keep em spiffy.



and what am I going to do with them?

I have several ideas.

1. use it as art

2. add hooks and keep it in the closet for jewelry

3. clip on some wire baskets for towels

4. spice rack?

5. scarf rack?

6. entry way thingy for mail?


Actually I have no idea, and all my ideas sound really corny to myself. Anyone have a great idea?


  1. I love these! I have visions of painting and distressing one in a bold color to add a panel of color to my new living room...

    Let me know if you come across any more :)

    1. aaww man, i found it so long ago. I find chunks of cool wood all the time though. I'll be on a hunt for you.

  2. Go grab a third one and make a screen/room divider! :)

    1. dang, that would have been a good one...


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