Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy mackeral Batman, grab the art repellent

You know, I always thought I loved the paint. but my heart throb is pen ink and charcoal. I am unsure as to why I never realized that before…so much that I’m packing away the paint for a little while (until we move and I have more space to work). I showed the boys my Juneau sketch and they said it looked like batman….


I’m also forcing myself to do a little study everyday and for someone with as little routine as I, that’s a big task. It’s funny because I also started cracking down on some bad habbits. IE. I have been soda free for two weeks now…I’m dying…no really, a life without coke is ARG. I’m allowing myself to have 1 cup of coffee in the morning (because lets be reasonable…didja really think I could quit coffee?). Charley has also called me out on my eating habits, so I’m trying to cook more meals instead of nibbling here and there on “filler food”.

  Charley and I also started p90 X together. It took some getting used to exercising together but we got the hang of it. We have to move the couch in the living room against the stove in order to have enough space. It’s great to have some accountability and motivation to workout…especially since it takes a huge chunk of time. The shortest workouts are at least an hour, and I’m still  running with Juneau. Some of the moves (like in kickboxing) I’m just not coordinated enough yet, so I usually flail around like an octopus in the background and try not to fall over. However, I feel awesome after these workouts. You can tell what you’ve worked and it’s made so you can build up. No pressure to finish every single set. Plus I get a huge kick out of watching Charley jump like a ballerina or balance like a Buddha.

So it only took until June, but there you have it: our new years resolutions!


  1. Good for you guys! Stu and I started walking/running together, and it has been so good. I'm doing toning exercises by myself (just started this morning!). We are eating healthier too and now we're actually keeping the house semi-clean! It hit me the other day: "Are we...GROWING UP?!" Haha! Now if only I could get up enough willpower to practice my artistic-ness every day...

    1. aha i'm glad for you guys...i don't know that we've gotten to the grown up part, but it's a start. I love seeing what you do on your tablet! keep going with it.


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