Sunday, June 24, 2012

from a bus window( Lebanon)

Two years ago we took a trip with most of Charley’s side of the family.

so just imagine this many relatives:


Driving around in this:



(well to be completely technical, fourth from the right didn’t drive with us- that’s the hospital director. This picture was taken right outside of the hospital where Charley’s granddad used to work).

I recently stumbled across my old pictures from the trip and figured I would share.

These for starters were from occasionally clicking a picture from the bus window. No composition, just a quick snap. However I feel like the represent a lot of the rockier dryer regions that we drove through.


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  1. Sarah, even your quickly snapped photos are incredible! The Lord has given you quite the gift of displaying His creation in amazing ways.
    We hope you and Charley are doing well!


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