Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Couch

More angles than you need or really care about, but here she is : Sally Sofa

Charley and I  woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to pick er up. The couple who sold it to us was amazingly friendly AND they had a puppy which made the 37 minute drive worth it. I can’t say craigslist is always wonderful between the scams and scary people out there, but we’ve had such good luck with it. We’ve found both our jobs and our apartment through it and now our sofa! We’re very careful about not giving personal information out while we’re searching and using our good judgment when it comes to meeting people.

We pulled in, extremely nervous that we wouldn’t like it in person (since we shelled out a little to rent a truck). They said it would need to be cleaned but it’s not that dirty at all. We might get it cleaned eventually but it’s got no funky smells and  is almost spotless. We’re happy campers.  It also met my husbands approval when he sat down and said “holy crap you picked out a couch that’s comfortable!”.  I guess I tend to like things that look awesome but feel terrible.

It’s covered in cotton linen and we’re not sure of the make but the guy said he bought it for $800 bucks and we walked away with it for $75.


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  1. We have my parent's couch that is older than me. I think I may start craigslist hunting soon. We got our super comfy mattress from craigslist, and I salvaged a free headboard from our apartment complex. I just wish I had your neat all-in-one room! Love the color on the walls! (and jealous of the hardwood floors there too)


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