Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Exactly one score ago, a very awkward 7 year old with giant glasses, stumbled up to the library counter with a stack of books on origami. My art teacher had played 1000 paper cranes in class. It was incredibly creepy and I had nightmares about Hiroshima for a long time as I was seemingly innocent in things like history or people wanting to kill each other. However the art of folding paper was something new and exciting and I latched on like bubblegum stuck in hair.


I’d already perilously started trying and discarding crafts. Like taste testing I plowed through crocheting, (womp womp), knitting, (I made a scarf once). I tie died t-shirts. I glued cotton balls together. I latch hooked half tiny rug BUT FOR SOME REASON paper, folding little pieces of paper was MAGICAL. I started folding paper birds from my church bulletins, flowers from my starburst wrappers and this one time I put glitter everywhere and made GLITTER ELEPHANTS! because sparkles y’all, sparkles.

Looking back, I think i must have been the most annoying kid on the planet, spreading my glitter and paper bit trail for all to share.


Sometimes when I am talking, I still fold. It’s incredibly relaxing & it’s a really great distraction for kids. I think any adult that can magically produce a flying bird reduces their scariness levels. This has been my go-to project for rainy day’s while I nanny’d.  So if you’re bored, go grab a paper square and try. There are about a zillion different tutorials on youtube!

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