Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Nothing spells out class like painting off paper plates and a giant piece of cardboard on your bedroom floor. It’s so cold that I couldn't work outside, so enter stinking-up-the-bedroom-with-oil-paint-fumes.

This giant monstrosity of a painting was for a friend that fights in dagorhir. I’m not 100% in love with how my riders proportions turned out but it was good for me to try to paint things beyond blobs. I’m good at blobs. Not so great at straight things. Learning curves are a pill.

Clifton was really cool and brought me duck feathers so I can make earrings. I’m stoked. Good friends bring dead ducks over. Its a thing. He sent me a picture of the painting in it’s new home next to the TV playing Lord of the Rings. It was a deep set moment of nerd accomplishment to know my painting was hanging up and being enjoyed.

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