Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gryffindor Family Reunion


Gryffindor house was our dubbed title for a small gang we hung out in at college. There were four girls who shared a house not far from school, and everyone pretty much studied, hung out and generally loitered around their house (because they were the cool ones who got to be off campus!).

The gang from the Gryffindor house all came to visit and reunite after many months of facebook planning. Friend’s from North Carolina, Georgia, England, and here. Newly married folks, New babies. Everyone with big-kid jobs. It’s so weird being old. (ps. there’s actually five people missing from the photo below who didn’t make it).

Aside from grilling out and eating a lot of food, the best part of the evening by far was Duncan reading children’s stories to the gang in his oh-so-awesome British accent. Yes, I know, shallow American me…but it was pretty amazing. The kids were enthralled.

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