Thursday, December 20, 2012

welcome to the modern world


I will confess of making fun of people for their smart phones. I will confess of scoffing at instagram-ers.

I mean really? why take a picture of something insignificant and put a “cool” filter over it. Why not pick up your real camera and take an intent filled photo…or remember that the world doesn’t need to see what you ate for breakfast.THAT BEING SAID I have failed  as heartily as any other succumbed to the glee of taking pictures all the time. That and the glee of having a phone that I can check messages on.  And instagram, three pictures in I’m taking pictures of my lunch. It’s the glasses, I swear, they do evil in the heart of me. I’m totally at risk to the modern world….my kryptonite is a camera (go figure). But since I’m into sharing insignificant and un-awesome happenings of the world, here are some of the recently commited instagram sins:

exhibit A: awkward photo in bathroom mirror…because my birthday present from Charley makes me happy. I am now know as “the girl with the hat” at work and receive many high fives. Anything to be jolly at Christmas! As you can see I am to “cool” to smile with joy over said hat…smirk applied for extra irony.


Exhibit B: the wannabe wreath of mobbish lumpy proportions that droops with jolly swag adorned by too many untangled lights. Good to be vague over whether I am impressed by this feat or I want you to laugh at my inability to do simple things.


Exhibit C: arranging outfits on targets floor that involve gold and pink tutus with the appropriately unmatched sweater.  I should find my niece some glasses too…


Exhibit d: self portrait a la crappy phone photos. I probably should have been making the duck face. Finding old photos reminded me that not 4 months a go I had dark brown hair, eyebrows  and less patience for personal maintenance.


Exhibit E: Self promotion of artistic skills via children's art supplies. Because that’s what you do when you’re a nanny, you draw ponies and pretend like it’s for the kids.


Exhibit F: pictures of lunch (although it was a worthy and much enjoyed sandwich from whole foods with a bestie)


Exhibit G: pictures with friends looking glamorous while you ruin it with your best pearl-jam-alien-smileimage

Exhibit H: needless gloating of awesome Christmas presents like hedgehog puppets


Do I fit the stereotype much?

who cares….its fun



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  2. I too confess I scoff people who take pictures of food... with smartphones. Which have you noticed they call "camera phones" in other countries? I want a phone, or a camera... not a 'camera phone'!

    1. it totally sucks you in when you have one though...i've never had such an available phone


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