Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LOVE by the LAKE

back in may, two of my good friends got muurrried.
This was an acceptable excuse for everyone to get together and party on a lawn. Tyna planned a super chill, easy going, adventure filled wedding. The morning was lazy and we were all warming up bbq and cooking fried okra together while the boys set up some chairs. So basically think one giant family cook out, cept more people kissing and a ridiculous pretty lake house. We got to color on signs and add dinosaurs and cows if we wanted, because themes are for wusses. 
On a normal day, I get with these people in garb and hit them with foam weapons (dagorhir)….so yeah it was kind of odd to don a dress and get spiffy and pretend to be civilized folks (for the most part). Hands down, the coolest part was seeing my best friend officiate his first wedding and the words he’d been working on for the couple.

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