Thursday, June 9, 2011

*gasp* A post without a picture????


What Am I thinking?

Well at least I put a disclaimer so you can skip right over the blank void and onto the next post. Actually this is just a quick update for those wondering about the move status.

We’ve been packing and organizing for a week now with hopes for a non-chaotic and simple move. Pretty much anything that didn’t get packed at this time got frantically stuffed in a box with no rhyme or reason. We’ve narrowed down our things to only what we needed so that our tiny apartment living will be more comfortable.  I, **sniff* must pack away my books for a while as well as my sewing things and a few art supplies. I have several plans for making use of little spaces when we get there. One of them involves a trip to IKEA for some lack shelves to place above our bed. (See how I strategically NEED to go to IKEA? It’s like a sickness).

It’s weird seeing the house empty (aside from a few dust bunnies that haven’t been swept yet). This makes walking in the dining area very annoying because I’ve hit my head on the hanging light 4 times already. I never remember that it’s there as I pass through the room. Hubby has hit it a few times too. We both have large bruises forming.

We ended up not renting the U-Haul trailer because we didn’t have a good hitch. So we were able to put everything in two normal truck loads. I cringed as I watch the hubby load up the furniture at awkward positions. No matter how secure things are tied, I don’t like moving furniture in this way. I tried to step back and hope for the best and direct for damage control. Even though I padded everything with rags, our furniture got badly scratched. Adds character right?

The drive there was uneventful …Oh wait, just kidding. The tarp kept blowing off the back of my truck and freaking me out so I pulled into a gas station, cried and bought myself a frosty to recover. I had to stop on three different occasions trying to retie the tarp down but the final solution was to just take it off and re-secure the furniture. I couldn’t see out of my rearview in  a truck that I wasn’t used to driving and I was just way out of my comfort zone.  We also got a really late start and were in rush hour traffic and were slowed by two wrecks on the way there (one of them was a school bus on fire on the other side of the highway, a frightening image). Needless to say, I still very much hate driving, but God kept us safe and watched over our travels. While a little frazzled from the experience, I cannot deny His hand  turning our mess into a successful adventure.

After hauling our stuff in, Charley rushed back to Columbia to return the truck we borrowed and I set to unpacking some things. We were grateful to find that the repairs were in progress. They were replacing the dishwasher and found mold growing where water had splashed into the wall. All of the mold has been removed and a new wall has been put in. They are doing aesthetic repairs today and tomorrow. Having this get taken care of so promptly was  a huge relief.

Driving a huge truck down our narrow one way street was no small feat. There were a few places with barely an inch on either side of the car, but such is the nature of Charleston…I’m tempted to walk everywhere from here on out. There was discrepancy over which parking spaces belonged to us. Someone had taken our places so I parked next to them only to find I was blocked in when it was time to go and a “sweet” little note on the car something along the lines of  *#!@** . I’m sure that I have many more lessons to go as country girl meets city living. I’m already appalled by how communal people are. Everyone is out and about. It fees so strange to have a lot of people around your house and hear so many things. The stairs that wrap around the side of our apartment are indeed noisy as people climb to the upstairs apartment. I’ll be working with my hearing aid’s out quite a bit I think. Who’d have thought that being deaf could be such a luxury?

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